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Going Hunting

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Mig 29 ” - Ballistic Climbout

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Can’t decide…


Or hug….

I’m gonna go with MURD—no, wait, Hug … I’m going with hug.

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Rainstorm In Chile

This is Awesome on So Many Levels

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Stairway To The Stars

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I don’t know what this is but I like it, and you do too. ;-)

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Reaching The Top

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Best Come On Ever!

☺ I’d Smile 

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I Wish This Was My Bedroom

Hammock on the beach ~ Florida Keys

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Your Mind On Drugs

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A Brief Moment of Sun - Between the Rains!

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The Earth Has Music For Those Who Listen

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Ocean Dreams

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Awesome New Zealand Cloud At Sunset.

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Psychedelic Aurora

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Blue Smoke

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This Halloween Make It Special By Carving A Predator Pumpkin …….. If You Can

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It’s A Beautiful Night

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